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Account Registration

You can have access to the Dynamic Storage Platform by registering an account.

  1. First, visit Vawlt’s website;
  2. Select the button “My Account”;
  3. Select “Register”;
  4. Then, enter the requested fields:
    1. First name;
    2. Last name;
    3. Email;
    4. Company name.
  5. If you have a trial code (provided by the sales team), you can enter it as well;
  6. Also, you must agree with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by checking the correspondent boxes;
  7. To finish the registration, click on “Register”.

After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will guide you to a web page where you can define your password.

After defining your password, a screen with a recovery code will appear on the screen.


Keep the recovery code in a safe place in order to perform a password recovery. If you lose this code and forget your password, it will be impossible to us to help you to recover your account and your data.

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