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Advanced mode

On the “Create volume” page’s top right corner, there’s an Advanced mode switch. If you turn it on, you’ll get additional options to configure the Volume:

  • Download quota;
  • Interfaces;
  • Policies;
  • Providers preference.

All adjustments made in this mode only will be visible in the Software Agent at a maximum of 1 minute later after being applied.

Download quota

It’s possible to define the monthly available download quota for uncached files, in TB (terabytes). When configuring a new Volume, the minimum download quota is 0,24 TB.


Here you can select which storage interfaces you need to store and access data in your Volume:

  • Desktop (selected by default);
  • S3;
  • NFS (coming soon).


In this area, you can select to activate or deactivate a retention policy applied to your files.

If activated, you can select for how many days your data is retained in the cloud, after deletion. All the retained data can be restored at any time.

Providers preference

Here you can select one, or more, preferred providers and let Vawlt choose the remaining ones to ensure value optimization. Select up to three providers and their respective locations.

The default values will depend on the selected Geographical Dispersion.

A fourth provider is automatically selected and will be used if any of the three main providers is faulty at a given time (e.g. downtime or data corruption).

For further information about Providers, please refer to this article.

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