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Create volumes

To create a volume, all you need to do is to click on the “+ Create Volume” blue button. After clicking on this button, the users will see the “Create volume” page.

On this page there are several areas with parameters that allow the users to configure a storage volume:

  • Volume type;
  • Storage capacity;
  • Geographical dispersion;
  • Volume Name;
  • Volume Description;
  • Grant users’ access to the volume;
  • Promo code.

According to the variation from the Volume type, Storage capacity, and Geographical dispersion parameters, the Monthly Price value (in € Euro, plus VAT) will adjust itself automatically, so the users have a clear picture of the expected billing for that specific Volume.

After doing all the necessary configurations, to create the Volume, all you need to do is click on the blue button “+ Create”.

Volume type

There are three types of volumes, according to the type of data that needs to be stored:

  • Hot (for recurring storage and sharing);
  • Immutable (for files that don’t require change upon storage);
  • Archival (for data that is stored for long periods of time).

You can confirm which Volume type is selected by its blue background.

For further information about Volume types, please refer to this article.

Storage capacity

Here you can define the Volume size, in multiples of TB (terabytes). When configuring a new Volume, the minimum storage capacity is 1 TB.

Geographical dispersion

In this topic, you can select the geographical dispersion/location diversity of the data centers to be used to store data:

  • Worldwide;
  • Continental:
    • Asia;
    • Australia;
    • Europe;
    • North America;
    • South America.
  • By Country:
    • Australia;
    • Brazil;
    • Canada;
    • China;
    • France;
    • Germany;
    • India;
    • Japan;
    • Netherlands;
    • Singapore;
    • South Korea;
    • USA;
    • United Kingdom.

Volume Name

In this input, you can enter the desired Volume name. This Volume name will be:

  • The name of the folder in data access, if the interface Filesystem is selected;
  • The name of the bucket, if the interface S3-API is selected.

The same name can’t be applied to different Volumes.

Volume Description

In this input, you can enter the desired Volume description.

Grant access to volume

It’s possible to define which users can access the Volume, if necessary. The admin’s own email is selected by default, and you can type to select other registered users in your Platform account if they exist and are already validated.

Promo codes

If you have any Promo code provided by our Sales Team, you can insert it here. After inserting the Promo code, it’s necessary to verify this code, by clicking on the green button “Verify”.

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