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Fetch a file

As mentioned in the Volume Type section, all data stored in Hot and Immutable volumes is available to be downloaded at any moment. However, for Archival volumes, the data is offline. Therefore, in this case, for data to be downloaded, an operation is required. This is what means to “Fetch a File”.

All data that is cached is read from the cache folder and the data that isn’t cached needs to be retrieved from the clouds.

The files might not be on your local device, either because:

  • You exceeded your cache size;
  • You login in a new device and you don’t have a cache yet.

The files might appear in the Vawlt folder, but if you try to open them, an error appears. This means they’re not on your device.

To fetch an archived file:

  • Right-click on a specific file;
  • In the menu, select “Vawlt” and then “Fetch”.

The fetching process can take some time to be completed, up to 5 hours.

Here’s a descriptive video of how you can fetch a file in Archival volume types:

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