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File versioning

For “Hot” volume types is available a file versioning system, that tracks changes to each file and allows a rollback to a previous file version.

To see the recorded versions from a file:

  • Right-click on a specific file;
  • In the menu, select “Vawlt” and then “File History”.

A window appears and lists all the recorded versions from that specific file. The window lists the following information:

  • File name;
  • The current version with timestamp;
  • User email;
  • Last access;
  • Size;
  • Set version buttons.

The latest version is the first that appears in the list.

To set a previous version, just click on the blue button “Set” in the desired version.

Vawlt records a version every 5 minutes with all the editing done in that timespan. Also, Vawlt records the last 5 versions of a file so you can revert to any of those versions.

Here’s a descriptive video of how you can work with file versioning in Hot volume types:

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