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Share a folder

To check the definition of a shared folder, please visit this section.

Inside the Vawlt folder, you’ll find all the volumes available to you, that can be:

  • All the volumes you’ve created in the Dynamic Storage Platform (with a green icon);
  • All the volumes some other user has shared with you (with a share icon).

All data readings inside each shared folder are accountable in the download quota from the parent Volume.

Create a shared folder

In order to start a shared folder, it needs to be empty at first.

Simply create a folder within your Volume and then:

  • Right-click on a specific folder;
  • In the menu, select “Vawlt” and then “Manage Access”.

This will give access to the “Manage Access” window, where you can manage the share.

Manage access to shared folders

To add a user to a folder, you need to, in the “Manage Access” window:

  • Insert the user’s email that you want to share the folder with;
  • Click “Add”;
  • It’s possible to define the size of the shared folder, so you can have better control over your download quota;
  • When all the definitions are set, click “Apply”.

After this, all files that you copy inside this specific folder will be shared with the defined users.

To remove a user from a folder, you need to, in the “Manage Access” window:

  • Click on the red “Remove” indication in a specific user;
  • When all the definitions are set, click “Apply”.

Note: The size of the shared folder will be subtracted from your parent Volume’s total size.

Deleting a shared folder

To delete a shared folder, you need to, in the “Manage Access” window:

  • Click the red Trash can icon.

Please note that only by removing the files from the Shared folder, the same won’t be deleted. You must proceed from the step above to completely remove it.

Want to initiate a share of a folder that already has files in it?

To do so, you can:

  • Create an empty folder and define the share options;
  • Copy all the folders and files to the new folder.

Here’s a descriptive video of how you can share a folder inside your Vawlt folder:

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