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File Status

On the “File Status” section, you can view all information about a specific file on a volume.

The information available is the following:

  • File name;
  • File size;
  • Number of versions (available for “Hot” volume types, check File versioning);
  • Cache status (if the file is cached or not on your device);
  • Transit state (Donwloading, Uploading and OK if it already uploaded with the cloud providers);
  • Fetch status (available for “Archival” volume types).

To view all the information about a specific file:

  • On “Search File”, click “Choose”;
  • Select the file from the location from any Vawlt volume;
  • The values in the “Status” area will be shown.

Note: To “Hot” volumes, after you search for a specific file, you can access the “File History” by clicking on the blue button, and manage versions as well.

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