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After downloading the software agent, you’ll need to install it on your computer. To install Vawlt’s software agent, open the installer you’ve downloaded and follow the instructions on the screen.

Vawlt’s software agent installation requires admin privileges to proceed. These admin privileges will enable the installation of key components for the full functionality of the software agent, such as:

  • Installing the component which creates the filesystem interface that allows the interaction with your volumes and data;
  • Shell extensions that show the migration status for each file and folder;
  • Right-click context menus for some user actions in Vawlt.

If you don’t have admin privileges on your computer (such as a work computer), you should seek your IT department for help.

After the installation, the software agent will prompt you to log in with the Dynamic Storage Platform credentials.

Keychain access for Mac users

Keychain is Mac’s password management system. The software agent requires access to your Keychain to store your credentials if you select the “Remember me” function.

To use this feature, click “Allow” or “Always Allow” when prompted to do so from Mac.

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