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Migration Tool

After performing the login on the software agent and clicking on the Vawlt tray icon, there’s an option called “Copy data to Vawlt”.

This is Vawlt’s migration tool, designed to help users in moving large data sets to their Vawlt storage volumes.

If you select “Copy data to Vawlt”, a window appears with several options in it, including a table with the different migration processes performed.

To copy data to Vawlt’s folder:

  • First, select the destination folder (inside Vawlt’s folder and a created volume);
  • Select the button “Add”;
  • The files will be added to the queue, represented in the table below;
  • Check the following items:
    • Source path;
    • Destination path;
    • Number of files;
    • Size;
    • Progress (in percentage);
    • State (with red, yellow and green markers).
  • To start the migration process, click “Start”.

As the files are migrated, the progress will be shown in the table.

The status will be marked as yellow until the migration process is complete. If the task is completed successfully, the marker will be shown as green, and a confirmation window appears indicating that “All uploads completed. All datasets have been migrated into Vawlt”.

To remove a migration process from the table:

  • Select the task from the table;
  • Click “Remove”.

To clear the table, just click on “Clear” and confirm in the confirmation message that appears on the screen.

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