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To use the software agent, you need to create an account in the Dynamic Storage Platform. If you haven’t created an account, you can create one.

After you install the software agent, you’ll be prompted to sign in as soon as you open it. You’ll see a “Log in to access your Vawlt volumes” sign and two inputs where you can enter your email and password.

After entering the credentials, press the blue “Log in” button.

“Remember me” checkbox

If you want your email and password to be stored on your machine, you can select this option.

The credentials will be remembered in case you quit the software agent. If you perform a logout, the credentials will be erased from your machine.

Having trouble performing the login?

If you can’t perform the login in the software agent, make sure you cover these topics:

  • Check if your Internet connection is available;
  • Validate if there aren’t any typos in your email and password;
  • If you forgot your password, select the option “I forgot my password. Please help me recover it”.

Password recovery

If you select the option “I forgot my password. Please help me recover it”, you’ll need to:

  1. Enter your email address, and then you’ll receive an email with a code;
  2. Enter your email code and recovery code (provided in the account registration process);
  3. Define your new password and confirm it.
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