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Vawlt folder

After performing the login, the Volumes you defined in the Dynamic Storage Platform are mounted on your computer.

There are several interfaces available to allow user interaction with the Volumes. The most common interface, that is also selected by default, is a filesystem. This creates a virtual disk in your device, allowing you to move in the folders that you wish to migrate to the multicloud solution in a very easy way.

You’ll see a Vawlt folder on your computer’s hard drive. This folder will have the Vawlt logo on it and will be named Vawlt.

Inside of that folder, there will be several folders, each one corresponding to a Volume configured in the Dynamic Storage Platform.

For management purposes, you’ll only be able to create folders or files inside a storage folder and/or inside a shared folder. You can’t create folders or files in Vawlt’s root folder.


Whenever you copy data to the Vawlt folder, it’s stored in the local cache and sent to the clouds in a background task.

Cache size is limited: by default corresponds to the free disk space, but users can edit this cache size through the Control Panel.

When data is read (either by opening or copying files, for instance):

  • if the data is cached, it’s read from the cache and does not consume download quota;
  • if the data isn’t cached, it has to be downloaded from the cloud, and then it consumes download quota.

When the cache is full, the system applies LRU policies (Least Recently Used) to keep in cache the most recently used files, either when users add data to the system, or when users read data that is not in cache.

It’s impossible to copy a file with a size bigger than the cache.

Default location

By default, the Vawlt folder is located in your user folder on your computer’s hard drive. To go straight to the Vawlt folder’s default location, follow the instructions for your operating system below:


  1. Open Windows Explorer;
  2. Type %HOMEPATH%/Vawlt into the address bar.


  1. Open Finder and select Go to folder… from the Go menu;
  2. In the box that appears, type ~/Vawlt/ and then press the return key.


  1. Open a terminal and type cd ~/Vawlt.

Create a shortcut to the Vawlt folder

For easier access to the Vawlt folder on your computer, you can create a shortcut. To do so:

  1. Go directly to the Vawlt folder’s location;
  2. Right-click the Vawlt folder;
  3. Click Make Alias (or Make Link on Linux). 

Your shortcut will appear with alias appended to the name of the file. You can move the shortcut to the location you’d like to store it in.

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