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Vawlt tray icon

When installing the software agent after performing the login, a Vawlt icon appears on your operating system’s tray.




This allows the users to access the core Vawlt functionality. If you right-click on the Vawlt logo, you’ll find:

  • A “Connected” message, informing that you correctly performed the login and the software agent is connected to the Dynamic Storage Platform;
  • Control Panel: a panel to manage your software agent’s configuration;
  • Open Vawlt folder: open your file explorer in the Vawlt folder;
  • Copy data to Vawlt: set up different data sets to be copied to different locations inside your volumes;
  • Log out;
  • Quit.

If the Internet connection is lost, the Vawlt icon turns to grey and the message “Connected” turns to “No Internet”.

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